BIYF 2022/2023 - Even less frills

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I will foreshadow that the theme of this for the year is you need to be self sufficient in the game, keep an eye out for the rules, following them is a big part of this.

- Start 12am 12/19 - End 12pm 3/19
- Outdoor cycling only
- Straight time
- Minimum 1 hour ride time to qualify per day, multiple rides will count as long as the cumulative is 1 hour - one hour means one hour or more moving time
- sporadic bonuses will be available - stay active on the board to see what is going on.
- Scorecard will be updated once a week, most likely Sunday/Monday
- Rides must be posted within seven days of activity, otherwise will be void
- No ebikes
- Don’t be a goober, out of line activity will have you barred from the event - stay off wet trails and or dangerous riding activity / illegal activity.
- Don’t be a goober v2 - Personal bashing/bullying will not be tolerated.
- Don’t be a goober v3 - Leave the moderator alone, this isn’t BK and you can have it your way if you want to take over the competition be my guest!

Bonus Available 12/19 - current - Your must note the bonus in your ride post
- Light Bonus - add 30 minutes of you use lights for the majority of your ride
- Dirt Bonus - add 30 minutes if the majority of your ride is on Dirt
- Snow Bonus - add 30 minutes for your snow adventure
- Bonus is Dead 12:01am 12/31 - Bonus - add 30 minutes for a picture of your bike with the Grinch - can’t use the same grinch more than once - one Grinch per ride
- Bonus is Dead 12:01am 12/31 - Whiskey Bonus - can only use once per week - post a picture of an empty whiskey bottle you saw on the side of the road during your ride
- The Frank - Ride and take a selfie with @Frank and earn double time - This counts for @Frank as well. Only with this bonus, the hour minimum is lifted and you earn straight time.
- MLK Day - Three hours or more on MLK day gets you double moving time earned - BINUS EXPIRED
- Cousin Eddie - Post selfie of you in your riding gear next to a “Cousin Eddie” holiday decoration and earn 30 minute bonus - you can only use this once per diorama - BONUS DEAD 2/8 at 12:01am
- Halloween - Bonus active 12:01am 12/29, this can be used once per ride, post a picture of your bike in front of someone else’s Halloween decorations that are up.
- Cupid’s Delight - 2/7 start - Post a picture of a Cupid you found on your ride - bike must be posted with it - good for thirty minutes
- Hula Girl - 2/7 start - Post a picture of a hula girl (or guy) with your bike in it - good for 30 minutes

Know Your Roll
The participant is responsible for the bonus and the rules. If you post something in violation of the POSTED rules, including a bonus failure, you forfeit that ride (not just the bonus, your whole ride that day). Keep doing it and you is out. If you are unsure then tread at your own risk.

I know it is not a friendly move, but I do not know how many times I have hosted this and this becomes a huge issue for the host. Participants “throw you know what” against the wall. Yeah - not this year.

Each post needs the following to qualify:
- Strava, Garmin or similar platform screenshot, not a link. I am not clicking on the links. The screenshot should show ride time, date etc.
- Picture you took during your ride - this needs to
Be an outdoor picture. That means the garage shots will not count.

- Most overall time wins
- Prizes - Maybe

Stay within you means, be safe. While not an actual event this is here for everyone to post up and encourage each other to keep moving and stay in shape.

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