BIYF - 2021/2022 - No Frills

Johnny Utah

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No wind and nice temps. Oh, and snow.



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Nice to see no end in sight to the work madness now that I’m back in the fray. Today on my lunch ride, I listened to a Yeay Team Town Hall Meeting, then a few microbiologists arguing about an equivalency study was the encore.

Let’s just say the ride was much better than the calls. Nice day out there.


The Kalmyk

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1h 25m

Wave of three’s!!

The ride was set for me to go visit a George Washington spot. About 9 miles in i hear my rear tire letting out air, it was evident what the culprit was. After 10 minutes on the side of the road fixing it, we are on our way. My buddy Dom drops the news that he has to get back home sooner than i thought so we pivot and head back towards his house. The tube was all good until im at the light of Rt130 and Windsor road. I stop to give it a little juice knowing im about a mile and half from home when the valve rips off. So now i have no back up tube. I throw the bike over my shoulder and walk home. Gets better... Take my gloves off when i get home and realize the silver bracelet my grandfather gave me off his wrist when he was passing is no longer on my wrist. Tonight is supposed to snow so no back tracking but now I’m on a mission. Keep on keeping on!!

The irony of this.. When i got the first flat, i thought, things happen in three’s. Whether I believe that or not... nah!!


The big homie’s first ride of the year. Glad i did it with him!!
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Finally got our, just to get out. Boring partially frozen Greenway still better than sitting on front of the computer. We turned around when the almost frozen over puddles got deep. Son refused to be in the picture. It was a slog, normal ride is 12mi round trip in less than an hour.



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First time out in these kind of temps for an MTB ride. My fingers were cold in the beginning but eventually were comfortably warm. The trails at Allaire were good today. I came across a small number of ice patches, but nothing that was problematic.


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