BIYF - 2021/2022 - No Frills


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I’m officially back to work today after burning all my 2021 PTO. So I got THAT going for me.


Couldn’t really getter in gear today; cold and wind and too many layers. I felt like Randy.

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I knew that Jordan had posted Monday on Strava that the Somo trails (closest comparable) were icy, but I figured I would give the local trails a try Tuesday. Error. Got to the ST on the north facing side of the ridge and the trail was all ice. Spent the second quarter mile doing knee wrenching spinouts. On the way back west on the road, jumped into some south facing ST, which was fine, but as soon as I got to shaded ST, it was all ice. Turned around and hit a town park for a half mile on the way back. Stupid.

It was chilly in the wind, doe. Assos Airjack, PI Amfib bibs, full face helmet with goggles, a balaclava and gaiter underneath, Dakine single finger mitts with chem warmers, Wolvhammers.

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