BIYF - 2021/2022 - No Frills

Johnny Utah

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Hello all! It’s that time of the year. Hopefully you can all ride along, as I love the motivation to get out there and stay active.


- Start 12am 12/13 - End 12pm 3/21
- Outdoor cycling only
- Straight time
- Minimum 1 hour ride time to qualify per day, multiple rides will count as long as the cumulative is 1 hour
- sporadic bonuses will be available - stay active on the board to see what is going on.
- Scorecard will be updated one a week, most likely Sunday/Monday
- Rides must be posted within seven days of activity, otherwise will be void
- Don’t be a goober, out of line activity will have you barred from the event - stay off wet trails and or dangerous riding activity / illegal activity.
- Don’t be a goober v2 - Personal bashing/bullying will not be tolerated.
- Don’t be a goober v3 - Leave the moderator alone, this isn’t BK and you can have it your way if you want to take over the competition.

Post: - Each post needs the following to qualify:
- Strava, Garmin or likewise activity screenshot, not a link. I am not clicking on the links. The screenshot should show ride time, date etc.
- Picture you took during your ride.

- Most overall time wins catagory number 1
- Most inspirational rider wins category 2, this is voted by event participants at the end of the event.
- Prizes - Maybe

Stay within you means, be safe. While not an actual event this is here for everyone to post up and encourage each other to keep moving and stay in shape during these trying times.


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Johnny Utah

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If no one wants to do it, I am thinking of keeping up with the tradition. Ultra simple, outside only. Bikes only, no glamorous prizes. Maybe start early next week and go to 3/21. Even if I am not riding, keeping up with this offers great inspiration to get off my tail during the winter.


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Even if most of my rides are on the road (or this season will be on gravel too) I ride outdoors all year round so I am in.
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