Bike-Waste Disposal/Reuse


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For the shop owners, mechanics, and DIY'ers...

I have a bunch of bike-waste that I don't throw out (i.e. old cables, housing, brake parts, tires, chains, metal parts etc....) just cause I don't believe it belongs in the land fill.

Do bike shops dispose, recycle, or have some kind of collection service for these things they come across every day to dispose of it or do they just chuck it. I would like to do the "proper" thing with them like bringing fishing line to the bait and tackle shop. Or what neat things have you guys made with these old parts? Pictures?


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i save ALL my aluminum and copper, and once a year stop by the recyclers. its been a few hundred dollars a year so far.

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I don't have much that doesn't get reused but I have a small pile of junked parts, cranks, old fork and headset etc. I don't throw it out for the same reason cited above.

Perhaps one of the great stores who support this web site could start a recyclable metal collection that we could just toss these parts into, and when full it could be taken it to the metal recyclers and collect the money, donating it to JORBA or some other worthy bike organization.


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Zombe thread. I'm bringing this one back to life.

So, what ARE people doing with their old tires and tubes?
I have some that I don't want to send to the landfill.
If there is a way to recycle them, that would be good.



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Old tubes are great. I cut them into strips and use them as tie downs, chainstay guards, or for other odds and ends.


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company like WM (waste management) will haul it away.
they provide dumpster.most reputable bike shop use big company like WM


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Yeah, tubes are great for chainstay guards.
However I only put them on mountain bikes, and I only own one of those.
I go through tubes more often than I go through bikes. lol...

Any practical uses for old tires?


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if you have some skills:



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I use this everyday, made out of tubes. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1344022406.754951.jpg

Totally Tubular Designs. I even think you can send them your old tires and they make stuff out of them.
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I heat my house by burning old tubes and tires...then i use the my old chains and shifter cables to snare geese.


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I remember seeing at box in the shop area of my LBS that was for collecting tires without wire beads to be used as chew toys for dogs.
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