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Much to my wife's chagrin, I plan to introduce my 16-month old daughter to the wonders of biking this spring. Sooo, I'm looking for a good trailer.

My user req's are as follows:
- seats two (I have a niece around the same age as my daughter)
- well-constructed and SAFE
- comfortable for my little princess
- relatively light
- folding for storage is a plus

With that in mind, I have been leaning towards a Burley d'Lite:

Anyone have any experience with these or similar trailers? Any input?



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My best advice is to not spend a lot of money. I think us dads are usually more enthusiastic than the little tikes and realistically their attention span varies. I was looking for a fancy trailer but then my neighbor gave me theirs and it works just fine. It's a Rhode Gear from a few years ago. It's sturdy and seats two. The first time I used it my son was probably 20 months old and he lasted a few minutes. I just took him out today and he was content for 20 minutes. I wonder if he would really like to sit there for an hour. With this in mind, I'm happy I didn't blow a lot of dough on a trailer. However, I have no doubt it is a safe trailer and he is safe in it.

Enjoy the time with your kid. We are fortunate, aren't we.



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Thanks for the input, J - I appreciate the insight from someone who's been there.

We are indeed fortunate...becoming a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me.


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I agree with the above, I bought the one from Target for like $80, it seats 2 and works fine. How many times have I used it, probably a handful. It was fun for my daughter the first time, but every time after just seems to get shorter and shorter.


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Burley seems to have a real good resale value. If you find one used, you'll most likely be able to sell it for what you bought it for.

I recently picked up a used D'lite trailer off craigslist. Its a 2003 model. They bought it brand new, used it once for 20 minutes and it sat in the garage. It still had the tag on it and the little tire "nubbins" are still there. I got a great deal and I'll pass it along when I don't need it any more.

I did replace the trailer hitch part with the new style that connects to the quick release, the other style hitch didn't work with disc brakes, and I didn't like how it holds the frame.


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My advice tommy jay is check out the CoPilot Model "A" I bought it for $179 and Love it. My little girl absolutely loves it and the storage space is night. It folds down and the wheels are easy to remove.


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We should all put together a laid back trailer ride some time. Could be a fun change of pace.


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If you're interested I have a used D'lite I can sell you. It was for my son, but its been hanging in my shed for several years since he's 8 now.

Send me a pm, or call me at the shop, 732-873-0212.

FYI, it's a great trailer, but if I were buying new again I'd go with a Chariot.



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I'm a firm believer in Chariot Carriers. Can your bike trailer do this:


My son has been riding in his for 2.5 years now and we've gotten more than our money's worth (I bought the CX-1 with the bike attachment off craigslist for $300). Worth every penny.


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very suprised to hear that lil' tite's did not enjoy there trailer rides having two of my own go through our burly d'lite single on many long huals. I've found that they tend to sleep through most of a rides, agree with Ben with the destination part works well. Now both are enjoying bikeback trailiers and the burly is used as a transporter of other things. I at one time had a bikeback on my bike with my son and the burly hooked to his bikeback for my daughter they thout it was the greatest:drooling:, the looks I'd get at the local events was priceless.


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I've found the destination idea works well plus I pack books or something interesting for my daughter to do during the ride. Agree on the laid back trailer ride. Would be nice to have a group of them. I'm sure they kids would love it!


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I agree with the above, I bought the one from Target for like $80, it seats 2 and works fine. How many times have I used it, probably a handful. It was fun for my daughter the first time, but every time after just seems to get shorter and shorter.

+1 on the $80 range. I bought one from target also and used it maybe 15 times last year for now my 2 year old. He loves it and just chills back there. I couldnt see spending $300 on something I would use maybe 20 times each year. I feel that he is safe in the $80 one. And I will commute to work with the trailer and pick my son up in it this year. Our sitter is going to shit when I roll up with that.


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I agree with the others, don't spend to much on the trailer. But, make sure you get one that has good clearance (ie wheel size for the chariot), especially if you plan to carry more than one child. I spent about $120 at Sports Authority.
Once my son reached 3 yrs. old I also bought a trail-a-bike (by Adams) ($175), we could cover a lot more ground both on road and trails.
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