Bike show in Edison

NJ Jess

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Hi there, Is anyone going to the bike show in Edison this weekend. Since the weather will be yukkie, I thought it would be my "pre-bike" season opener. Smiles, NJ Jess
I plan on getting there at some point, but I heard good weather for this weekend...

Saturday 3/18 Get Details | Go Hourly | AccuPOP™
Windy and cold with times of sun and clouds
High 39° F / RF 31° F, RF Shade 27° F. Low 22° F / RF 16° F. Max. UV 4.

Sunday 3/19 Get Details | Go Hourly | AccuPOP™
Mostly sunny and cold
High 41° F / RF 37° F, RF Shade 33° F. Low 23° F / RF 10° F. Max. UV 5.
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