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neat ink,
as I am a geek and interested in science I had to page through all the tats...

Dusty the Whale

wait what?!?? when did mike get his jeep stolen?

the red one. he told me i couldn't understand why it was just a regular jeep, but some people/kids have no respect for peoples property. but he got a cool new one, black and it fits his fast ninja stealth riding style. the shitty part was all the bike stuff that was in it. you haven't seen him in a while, plus i think it was in one of these threads. but that guy has the shoes.


I've seen tats in dirt rag of a disc rotor "burn" on the calf. Looks cool and is good for a laugh amongst those in the know.


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If I'd have gotten that one, my wife wouldn't have been pissed for a month at me.
OK so what did you get that pissed her off?
my wife sat in on the inking which nailed down her "I will never get a tattoo thought"


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I was riding RAGBRAI last year and a single speed road by. The guy riding had a shop drawing of an exploded headset on his calf. I tried to catch him to get a picture but I was too slow (hungover) to catch him. It was sweet and looked just like the drawings on the shimano tech site.
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