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Second ride on the new C-dale Rush and so far so great!

My old squishy bike was a jekyll:
-Climbed OK
-Descended pretty darn good
-Handled the twistys as expected

My other bike is a C-dale 1FG:
-Climbs well (if you got enough leg)
-Descends OK
-Flies through tight twistys like super hero.

So far the new RUSH:
-Climbs well
-Descends as good as my Jekyll
-Seems to love the twistys!

I used a lot of my old parts, rebuilt or serviced a few others and added some new ones. So, I'm still getting used to a lot. But, so far I'm loving the RP23. Its either open or 3 levels of PROpedel. Completely overhauled the LEFTY which is better than new. Relaced both wheels and added new tires.

To sum it so far.
It's as if I took all the positives of my 2 other bikes and put them in to one. Still fine tuning the suspension and riding position but, if it's this good now it's only going to get better!

Next big test is the All-A-Amuchy.


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Huh. It really decends as well as the Jekyll? That was one of my concerns when I was thrust into the new bike purchase earlier in the year. Good luck this weekend.


smarencik said:
Huh. It really decends as well as the Jekyll?

That's what I was thinking too, but I think the 69 (degree) head tube angle helps it out a lot. Jekyll was only adjustable to 69.2 - 71.1. I usally kept it some were in the middle (70ish)

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I have nothing but love for my Rush... I've never ridden on a Jekyll so can't make the comparison...

I just saw they came out with a carbon fibber frame rush, I bet it's nice and cheap...


All-a-muchy went well plus i got a few more rides. still playing with air pressure on the rebuilt LEFTY, almost settled, but i never leave well enough alone.

I'm still very impressed how well this bike handled everything I've thrown at it so far. From steep "seat in yer stomach" tech descents, to the long grueling continuous climbs that never end. Not to mention those short steep little rock garden climbs with no exact line. Its still lovin' those tight twisties too!

I've yet to find a flaw, I was afraid the RUSH would be too cross-counrty, but I think it goes right to the edge if not a bit past were the all-mountain category starts. Though, once you start looking for and taking drops over 2 feet you might need a bigger bike. But for all around ride-watcha-ya-find-and-don't-look-back you can't go wrong with this bike.

Very big thanks to Jason @ Halter's Cycles for the mechanical expertise and warrantee assistance.

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