Bike Recs?

smarencik said:
Make sure you tell John & Frank that Steve ('06 T2) & Scott ('05 T2 and '06 Ladies T) steered you in this direction should you buy a bike from him.

Excellent point!
I spoke to some young kid there (Cycle Works) today, I forgot his name, as I usually do. He seemed to know his stuff, rattling off all the components and the differences between the T2 and the T3.
They've got some good & knowlegeable kids working there. It always helps to negotiate & close the deal with the owner(s) when you drop big coin ;). It sounds like you are a couple of weeks off anyway, but those guys are running the pits for 24 of 'mooch this weekend, so you might not catch them if you were planning on purchasing immediately.
Yeah they told me they would be closed on Sunday for the race.

I figure I will go to Marty's on Monday and take a close look at the Epic and make my decision some time net week.
the new mountain bike action has several pages dedicated to the '07 specialized lineup. it is the high end bikes, but still, a good read.

I made my decision, I went with a black Epic from Marty's. Jesse's help was amazing. Bike is in the back of my truck and I am itching to ride!
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