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Why do you ask? If you're considering one they do the trick. I bought a cheapo from Walmart I think it's a Bell and works just fine. Easy to install on the trunk, but I must warn you that depending on your type of frame it may be hard to strap on. Some full sus. frames don't work well. My roof mounted rack is much more secure and out of the way. IMO if you have the cash and don't mind having a roof mounted rack always on your car/truck its the way to go.. I've seen lots of people with the hitch type mount. That design is easier to mount bikes, but I don't trust other motorist behind me. I once had some driver rear end (lightly) my Jetski trailer going slowly through a toll booth. If you have to stop short in traffic your bikes may be a goner.
best of luck
I had a truck rack for my Altima when I had that. It was cheap but aside from that, I wasn't a big fan. Eventually made a mark on my bumper. :(

I'd look for a roof system for sure. Especially with a car because they are so easy to load and with a sun roof, you can always keep an eye on your baby.
thanks for the replies. i just got a "new" car, and will be doing a fair amount of commuting; i know the roof systems create a bit of drag. i will probably go with a thule roof system, but wanted to "do diligence" by researching the trunk systems. read some reviews about the trunk mounts, and one of the more common issues is small dents and paint scratches to trunk and bumper.

it just kills me to have to go walking today instead of biking because i have no means of getting my bike to the trails, and do not want to ride the roads...
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This is the one I purchased in a pinch. $29.

A roof rack bonus is that you can lock your bike. It gives me peace of mind while I run into a deli to pick up coffee before the drive to the Mtn.
I'm sure I lose a couple of miles per gallon which I don't mind. It's the wind noise that kills me. You really have to turn up the stereo when the windows and sunroof are open. (not always a bad thing)
I'm not a big fan of the fairing although I'm sure it will solve my gripes..
I had a boot/trunk system and had no problems with it. There were a few scratches on the lid but I expected that. Also the peddle dented my license plate.

Now I have a spate tyre mounted system that I put on my girlfiriends jeep and love it. It's simple, stable and easliy accepts a dual suspension frame with a road bar on it. And I can get into the back of the jeep easily enough since the system swings out with the rear door. It's the Saris batwing-type system.
If money is not an issue buy a pickup. Nothing is easier than tossing the bikes in the back and you will always use it for hauling other things. After a couple months of borrowing other peoples pickups I decided to get one as an extra vehicle, now I drive it more often than my other cars.
just did an initial pricing for a thule system with 1 bike tray - $421 (with the faring) - OUCH!
What kind of car do you have? I have a Thule trunk rack that I bought when I had my Acura TL in 2000. I'm not sure if it will fit your car but if it does I'll give it to you for free.

Rocky Mounts makes incredible affordable bike racks. Straight out of Boulder baby! Check em' out. You can even pick the color(s) you want. Goodbye Thule & Yakima.
contacted them -

"Unfortunately we only make the bike trays to fit rook racks,..." -quote from e-mail
Rocky Mounts

My bad, I apologize. In the future I'm telling you, if you already have a factory rack on your car dont even spend the dinero for the Thule or Yakima's "system." You dont need it. Rocky Mounts has great stuff, best place to purchase would probably They now make bike tray with an adapter that will fit ANY factory rack that might be on a car. Far as trunk mounts not too sure about this. I recently picked a new one up on REI (used my dividend) and payed about $50 total for a new bike tray. Cant beat it. Just sick and tired of having to spend literally hundreds of dollars for a new Thule cross bar system and adaptors and everything else everytime I get a new car. Stupid and annoying. Plus they make their products in Boulder, Colorado so nothing wrong supporting workers in the good US of A.
no worries - i really appreciated the advice. the folks from boulder were very prompt to respond, and were helpful in exploring other avenues to set my system up. wound up purchasing a yakima for a great price.
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