bike rack question


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im picking up a rack this week off a member on here. my question is, i have a 2 door car with a short roof(05 honda civic hatchback). is the stretch kit totally needed for the roof rack the be safely used?

heres a pic of a car not using a kit with the same kind of situation as me(where the towers have to both be mounted on the front door). the stretch kit will make it so that the rack will sit more level than that. any input on this would be awesome.


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It seems like the towers have enough space between them. I've never personally used the SRA on any of my cars even though most of them needed it. It looks like if you slid the whole setup back a few inches it will level nicer.



I had an 03 Honda Civic 2dr with a similar set up and used the SRA. There is alot of money up there $$$ and the SRA is not that much extra.
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