Bike Polo

Any of you guys play bike polo?
The one guy at my shop is a member of the Philadelphia team. Never really knew they traveled and played other cities. I'm starting to become interested in it. Seems like it's becoming popular, because I remember hearing about it at a local bike shop when I went on a trip to Davis, WV.
Here is a shot of the guys from Philly.


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Most of the guys in my office are riders. We play bike polo frequently during the warmer months on our lunch hour. We use our mountain bikes and play in the grass behind the office. We made our polo mallets from old ski poles and PVC pipe.

it can get crazy, Sometimes there's carnage and occasional blood shed. Wicked fun though, and breaks the monotony of the sometimes sterile office environment.

Here are some pics of us playing around October.....damn, my beard was out of control!



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