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since my garmin is still lost, I put the bike comp back on. Does it matter how close the sensor is to the axle of the wheel? I know velocity is faster towards the axle of the wheel, but the spoke still only passes the sensor once a revolution. I am thinking it doesn't matter, just wanted to confirm.


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It doesn't matter. It's calculated using revolutions and wheel size and time, and a handful of flux capacitors.


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It does not matter, as long as the magnet on the wheel is close enough to the sensor to pick up the signal.


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or program in that your wheel is twice the circumference it really is. With that and the dual magnet set up you can average 35 mph every ride, easy.


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i just put one on my bike this past weekend but havnt been able to try it out yet casue of the damn rain!!!!!:getsome:
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