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Not sure he saw this and thought it would be a nice read and see a great picture of Jim over here...or it was posted and I completely missed it.

"I had visions like most would of mountain bike trails located in Manhattan just off the Harlem River—stairs, broken-up concrete, glass, traffic, hobos, drug-dealers, smog, abandoned buildings, graffiti, bridges, tunnels and sidewalks. I didn't realize how on point my visions would be though! But, to my surprise, there were also super technical rock gardens, greasy off-camber roots, crazy flowy singletrack, insanely steep downhills, awesome rock formations, and even a cyclocross-inspired stair run-up;" said Gary Fisher 29er Crew racer Jim Vreeland.

Jim wasn't alone in his enthusiasm for the Highbridge Park trails either, as nearly a hundred racers gathered in uptown Manhattan this past Sunday (July 6th) for the 2nd Annual NYCMTB Highbridge All-City Cross-Country. Pro Mike Mooradian took the win in 1:52:20 followed by former World Cup DH champ Jurgen Beneke at 1:56:01 for 5 1⁄2 laps of the 4-mile course. A sparse turnout of female pros gave the automatic win to Alex Rokita, who still turned in a blazing 1:48:51 for 4 1⁄2 laps.

The Highbridge Park
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