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I just bought a full suspension Specialized Enduro. I'm lovin' it! I rode an entry level Gary Fisher hard tail last year and pretty much beat the hell out of it and didn't take care of it. I want to take care better care of my new bike. I intend to read up on it, but can anyone weigh in on the absolute basics of cleaning and maintaining it? Thanks.


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just spray it down every once and awhile and lube the chain, keep the suspension linkages tight and you will be good....

If you want to wash it, use a dish soap since it is mild and has some grease cutting quality and just wash it and make sure you lube you chain afterwards...


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If you can avoid using a hose, I would say that's the best bet. However, if it's caked with mud and you simply have to get it off, Pedros bike wash works great. If you do use a hose, try to stay clear of the hubs, pivots, bb, and headset. The problem with a hose is it tends to force small particles further into places like bushings and bearrings.

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TCB is off his freakin rocker..
Hose that bitch down man. power wash it. yeah power wash it. Blast that caked on goo right into next week. Man up and hose it down. that is why they call them SEALED bearings.

No, really, TCB is spot on.
You could even go to the local box store and get a $20 sprayer and use that. Just make sure you get one that says Pesticide sprayer in the sid in as big letters as possible. then use the hot pink bike wash (finish line?) and really freak people out. they will think you are spraying your bike down with pesticides. Its a freakin hoot.....
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