Big Tires Get Big Objects Stuck In Them.... Why Me II?


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OK so I am having a beautiful ride this afternoon on Blue by the lake. Hot yes but a breeze and the weather is fine. I hear a thunk-thunk-thunk as I ride along and think that something is stuck in the drivetrain. So I stop and see this..... hunk of tree branch embedded into tire tread...
:eek: REALLY??? WTH!!! You can't make this stuff up...
SO what to do now? DON'T PULL IT OUT!!!! The tire was still holding air...Sorta. I am running tubeless. I took out my trusty pocket knife and whittled the top of the "T" off. Got out my pump and topped it off. I was parked in Van Nest and the sky was darkening. Started riding and made it to the east picnic area. Re-pumped (75 strokes). Next stop was near the rowing timing stand (75 strokes). Made it to the volleyball courts. Damm it's getting hot! (75 strokes). Riding on the rim as I get to the dam on Red trail. (75 strokes)
OK... Van Nest is in sight... Off to the south east the sky is turning blacker yet and I hear rumbles of thunder and the wind is picking up. Not going to stop now. Made it back on Yellow trail and stayed dry. Once home I removed the wooden "Plug" Damm this thing is huge.
Don't think a tire plug or patch inside is gonna fix this!


The "Plug"


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For the love of god did you at least set that stick on fire?
Nah... That stick is now "big medicine" I'll carry it in my backpack forever... to prevent it from ever happening again!
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I've actually got plugs that'll fit that if you're close to 6mile.View attachment 133623
I have a tire plug plug kit and have used them on car tires before... the tread of the bike tire is much so much thinner compared to an automotive tire. I didn't think the plug would have anything to grab with a hole this big. The casing fabric was actually ripped.
So I removed the tire from the rim and cleaned out the orange seal and Fatty Stripper band. Pulled out all the embedded thorns. Installed a full size round automotive patch over the hole from the inside. Then remounted with a fresh band. Seated the rim with soapy water at 10 psi and it popped on just fine. Dumped in 3 oz of orange and aired up to 5psi.
Orange spitting all over and after 3-4 min it was done! I don't have high hopes for longevity but it worked. I'll wait until the GC 4.6 are back in stock and replace it.

Thanks for all the replies and perhaps my experience will help someone else!

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something i pulled out of mine earlier this year.
i did get it to seal w/o a plug.


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