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I'm looking for suggestions on some 2.3+ tubless tires (the lighter the better) that can handle rides as rugged as Ringwood to Smooth as Allaire.
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I run the Hutchinson Barracuda 2.3 UST on the Front and the 2.1 on the rear.

Great traction and they roll pretty fast too.

I run the Protect Air Tubeless sealant and they never need to be pumped.

I last pumped them in august.



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i really like my schwalbe fat alberts a lot. i do not run the tubless version (it's clyde thing) but at low pressures (for me, about 33-34) they are great. running them lower can only be better. schwalbe has a lot of offering and the fat alberts are only one of the many that look like great NJ options. can say that they are the fastest tires though...

edit- i just saw the new tire (on-line), the muddy mary. a 2.5 love fest! i'd love to try one of those bad boys...i'd look like i was riding a motorcycle!!
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