Beware kamakazi forest animals


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I was riding in the pine section on the 27 side and as I was flying down one of the more straight parts a groundhog bolted into my wheel. That's right the groundhog hit me, I didn't hit him, he knocked me off my balance I flipped and broke my saddle. The little bastard didn't even stick around to see if I was okay. Classic hit and run :mad2:!

I'm sure he was okay as he bolted the hell out there, but now I have to buy a new saddle :(.


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Something like:


"This pretty Cruiser Saddle with plush Leopard cover and complete chrome under-carriage (rails, springs, & seat clamp assembly)... is purrfect!"

Purrrfect sounds right....just imagine the looks I'd get hah!

Nice leopard seat on my former x-mas bike:


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Is that a bad thing? :hmmm: I thought they could handle the pressure

Edit: Though I guess it is dangerously far from the weld point :/
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Does it have a pivoting clamping mech.? If you can spin the clamp to go vertically rather than horizontally you can clamp the post and still keep the same angles.


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So does that clamp not rotate? I can't fine a good pic of it online.

You're fine if you don't clamp it in there really tight. Another option is to hang it by the seat on the clamp arm.


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Yeah it does, but if I pivot it vertically and clamp to the seat post the bike is lower from the mount point and tends to bounce a heck of a lot more whenever I touch it.


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I think we saw that same groundhog last year, he was blocking the trail and would'nt move no matter what we did. Thought he might be rabid, so finally blasted past him. My friend decided he was going to reason with the hog and sat there talking to him for 5min. We called him "the hog whisperer" for the rest of the day.

How were the conditions? I'm looking to go somewhere tomorrow, but I was worried it would be too wet.



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Hah, this was last week so I'm not sure after the bit of rain. I'm glad I'm not the only one this groundhog has assaulted!.

I've been tearing it up on the road with my old trek 6500 with 1.25" slicks in the meantime. It'll have to do before I can find myself a proper road bike.

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Cousin in Cheesequake

After returning from SC via Newark Liberty, my ride home was soooo traffic infested that I decided to go for a quick ride. Parkway exit 120, park and ride has a quick entrance to Cheesequake.

Off in a fury, down the trail, just past all the feathers from the a pigeons demise, I came across a "Fat-bastttttard chuck." In a panic, it took off running,....straight down the trail. On and On and On and On and On,...this fat albert rodent was on the richard simons diet of dogde and run. I swear I rode behind the thing, over logs and mud puddles of 1/2 a mile. Finally! It exited stage Left for the base of a tree. After the switchback, I looked up the hill to see it eyeballing me. It was so stupid funny. I wanted to go home and watch "CaddyShack."


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hah! From the looks of it my attack was just one of a string of 'chuck attacks. They're plotting to take our trails! :getsome:



More warring groundhogs/woodchucks
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Birds are attacking too

Yesterday riding my road bike, a couple blocks from home... had a bunch of chickens wandering in the road. Slowed down to like 10mph, a few of chikens got out of the way... Yep, one of the stupid chickens jumped up and tried to land on my handle bars.

Gave the chicken two quick lefts jabs, then with a swepping motion pushed him off the bars. Feathers everwhere.......... Stupid chickens
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