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After watching all of the vids on YouTube and the stuff that get's posted here of all of the smooth, flowing, quick runs I'd be interested in hearing about your favourite runs.

I'll start. Keeping in mind that I haven't ridden too many places but I love Lewis Morris and Allaire. My favourite run is at Lewis Morris. It's on the yellow trail heading in a roughly clockwise direction. It comes in 3 sections, the first is after you've cleared the gravel trail/fire road hills and you take a left into the woods for some twisty hairpins. That kicks you out across a parking lot with a quick spin over a bridge and then onto a small stone/rock climb. You pass the red trailhead.

The next bit is after the small rock/stone climb. This downward trail has few rocks and is mostly smooth dirt so you can get up a good pace and just sway around the bends.

You make a final climb along a long switchback and then the best bit kicks in. I think you pass the green trailhead and make a left. There are a couple of mounds along the sides of the trail that you can huck off, you hit a relatively steep decent and hit the brakes for a wide 180 degree turn, dipping into a small gully before making a left, putting in some power and taking off a small lip but getting a couple of feet of air at the same time. The trail then winds it's way back to the orange trailhead I think it is.

So, my fellow fat-tyre fanatics, where's your fav?


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Down Cardiac - absolutely one of those "go that way...really fast...if something gets in your way...move" trails.

I like the LM CCW yellow you mention. That's a good way to test your tires on fast, sweeping turns.

The Mahlon downhill, the new trail, is it called Stone Gate?

The CR downhill on the Rock lookout side. Off the road to the left as you're leaving. If you know the park you know what I'm talking about.

Round Valley, from the top of the (usually called) Puke Hill allllllll the way down to the grass field crossing.


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I'd have to say Mtn Creek the first trail is Upper Breakout is fast with nice big rock you can spine over,2 would be the back side of the mtn i forgot the name off hand but it gos like this.You go straight off the lift first stunt is ladder to rock down side then single track to some more big rock to you get to the lake, lil more singletrack to the first skinny bridge(20 ft) and then more single track to the (30ft) bridge to this sick roller.then threw a crazy rock garden more single track to a couple of burms to to more rocky singletrack then down to the lift. Its mad cool you got to try it.
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