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whats the best route to ride been there once started at the ranger station ended up lost after 3 hours found our way to route 27 then just went back to the truck on the roads...

does anyone have a good route or idea of how not to get lost?


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Its really hard to describe. Your best bet is to have some one who knows the place take you out. Once you have someone show you, you should be good to go. There has been alot of work there done recently to add to the frey.


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Your best bet is to download one of Fred's ride reports onto Google earth.

it might be an eye opener for you.

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Mr.Chainsaw been lost there a few times i always park at rt.27 now i can find my way back but i used to just take a few lefts on the roads and make my way back that way...but now i just know the way alittle i think...


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First time there I took the power lines out - been lost a bunch when I first started riding. The landmarks that I used initially were the two openings on the 27 side - power lines and gas easement. I usually followed the stream and the farmland that bound the park on the Canal side. Agreed - hard to describe - better to ride it a bit. Also, Six Mile crosses Franklin Township as the crow flies - getting from one entrance to another by roads isn't easy if you don't know the area.

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