best mtb mag?

which is your favorite?

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Dirt Rag by a wide margin for me. I'd say Bike is next in line.

I was a rabid MBA reader in the early 90's, but the last 10 years it's been more about culture and people than tire comparos for me.


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Dirt Rag for me as well. The stories alone make it a good read. I also subscribe to MBA but thats more or less a Specialized catalog anymore.


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like Dirt Rag cause its more or less an East Coast close to home, grass-roots mag and I love the readers photos. I like Bike cause I like the articles, stories and the photos, but they are more slanted to British Columbia and west coast. I use MBA to see the new junk thats coming out. Cant stand that Jimmy Mac guy!

Although one of my favorite mags which i dont see in the poll is MBUK. Honest tests, sloppy pics, weird use of words(Love them Brits) and they seem to show the most amount of girls riding. Reading MBA you'd think mountain biking is a bunch of jocks riding southern cali!
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I get them all. :D

MBA is fairly ridiculous though. They don't allow the use of the word "freeride" in their magazine because they think it encourages riding off the trails. And then they show photographs of people hucking off walls on city streets. Oh, and they only note phone numbers for manufacturer's contact info. Um, who the hell calls manufacturer to find out more about products? Maybe this internet thing is just a fad.:rolleyes:

Decline has the best USA downhill and freeride coverage; Dirt the best World Cup downhill coverage, the best magazine design and the best photographs; Bike the best quality of writing and editing; Rodale's Mountain Biking excellent photos, east coast vibe and (brief but good) reviews; MBA the number of bike reviews and informative Q&A (Ask RC); Dirt Rag the best accessories reviews, east coast vibe, bike fiction, and "community" feel. Each offers something worthwhile.


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Not much to say - Justin covered it all acurately with all the pubs and what they provide.

Overall I like Dirt Rag the best. I've been reading it pretty consistantly since '94 - and I still have a number of back issues.

I'll get Decline and Dirt. They seem to cover racing and the DH scenes well but the big wheel DJ/Park/Street stuff definitely seems 2nd fiddle.


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Dirt Rag for sure, only one I subscribe to. Dirt second, love the layout and vibe.


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dirt rag and bike are about a tie for me. I almost always pick up MBA but like walter said, it is highly sponsered by specialized and fawk that cali vibe!


MTBA was my favorite but then I came across DirtRag and more recently Bike which has become my new favorite.
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pretty much dirt rag and bicyling. i know, i know, it's a roadie pub. get over it.

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I like Dirt Rag for the E.C. focus, but Dirt wins hands down as an overal rag. I just wish it wasn't so expensive...

MBA... I still buy it off the stand from time to time... but years ago it earned the nick-name, Mountain Bike Fiction due to all of the inaccurate data and inconsistant info. And RC's Q&A section is a diservice to cycling. I don't understand how someone who's been in the industry for so long can be so clueless.


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Dirt Rag and Bike for me. I used to subscribe to whatever the magazine was that was absorbed by Bicycling. Bicycling had some mountain bike content for a while there (for all I know they still do), but wasn't my thing. Going way back I had a subscription to Mountain Biker (I think that was the name), but they got absorbed by Bike.

Nowadays I get most of my info from the internet, but the magazines are good for flipping through while I have breakfast or the rare moments when my house is not overrun w/ screaming children.
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