Berms and Jumps and Flow


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these are great vids - keep 'em comin'! the bmx one is cool. that backyard pumptrack is impressive.
I'll keep updating this thread for sure. There is a thread on RM, and I'll pick the best ones from there :D

That backyard track is indeed impressive. It may not look like that much but to fit all that in with that flow in that little area is a wicked hard task.


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Got this from FBM's site and Ridemonkey. I know it's BMX and might not fit the forum entirely but the flow of the riding and more importantly of the trails is so damn good. Those berms are amazing.

FMB rules: if anyone has ever been to some of the spots like this one, they are sick, I was a POSH a few times and the place is a masterpiece, I have never seen berms so tight and sculpted.