Bent rim


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I have a rim that at the edge or lip of the rim is bent a little,must have rode over a big rock while my tires where low.But I have actually rode this rim in this condition for a few rides.Finally took rim off bike and am wondering if this could be bent back into shape.The wheel still looks pretty much true by looking at it with my eye(but who am I).Is this rim salvagable or does it belong in the crap heap,again I have rode it like that and didnt have problems.Just wondering?


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Take a picture and post it. It really depends what condition it's in.


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I'll try to post some pics tonight...the rim is off my hifi pro 29er..Bontrager Rhythm Elite 29 disc, tubeless ready...


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I would use a large adjustable and a bit of leverage to return the rim to it's original shape.


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or a couple of ice tongs and a 2lb beater for some love- not to much though or yur in the same boat different direction


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Thanks guys for the help...Brought it to a friends auto body shop and they did their magic and were able to straighten it back...these things happen to car rims as well and to them it was a piece of cake.
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