Belgium Knee Warmers


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If you have spent any meaningful time in a bike shop or for the bike shop employee who knows all to much about this I can sympathize!

BKW said:
I can't remember sitting down for more than a handful of lunchs in the 20 years I worked in a bike shop. The majority of lunches were consumed while lean against a counter. Lunch in the bike retail world is a phenomenon unto itself.

If business is slow, order lunch. This may be a question for lawmaker Murphy, but what is it with food and shopping algorithms? If lunch were a 12 noon thing, one could argue that people use their lunch to run errands. In a bike shop, there is no set lunch time. In the heat of the Saturday battle, lunch is an afterthought that presents itself long past noon, a fleeting memory like faces in a crowd. Hey, I recognize that rumble in my stomach. That shaky feeling in my hands. Oh yeah, my dear old friend lunch. Good to see you, old man.

Once the food has arrived, it sits in a box, cooling off, breaking down, and seeping its grease into the cardboard that houses the nourishment. There it will sit until it reaches room temperature and begins to congeal. At that point, five minutes will surface, enough time for three bites and a splash of beverage. If you're lucky, you will repeat these actions until the indigestion sets in, and the tempo of the shop resumes its break-neck pace.

Whatever the meal, whatever the time of day, there's a very good chance your meal will be consumed in a vertical position.

Bon appetite!


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the big show

The entire race of the 2008 Cyclocross Worlds is up on BKW. If you have any interest in seeing what CX is like at the highest level, you should check this out.


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If you've not seen this yet, I think it's one of the coolest bike blogs out there, specifically with regard to Euro roadie and CX stuff.

Last year Tommy (Cyclocrossfool)and I had spent 2 weeks in Belgium racing and following the Pro races. Just to see riders like Nys, Boom and Wellens race is just incredible. American riders like Trebon, Powers and Johnson barely made the cut in the 1-A events. Just plain awesome.

RC ... :)
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