Beginners Clinic still on for Saturday!

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Beginners Skills Clinic at Allaire


We are pleased to announce that we are holding another Beginners Skills Clinic here at Allaire.If you are new to the sport or at a beginner level,come and join us on Sat. Oct. 14 2006 at 10 am.We will meet at the Hospital Rd parking lot.We will be covering the "basics" of mountain biking,coached by seasoned riders from our area.
You will learn:

Proper shifting
Balance skills
Proper braking
Trail ediquette
and even how to clear a pesky "logstacle"

This is a JORBA event and is being sponsored by The Bicycle Hub of Marlboro.This event is free of charge and is open to all riders 16 and older.
This is a FUN event and I hope you will join us.If you are interested please rsvp at or you can call the park office at 732-938-2003.
Thanks and hope to see you there.
Frank Harms

Frank Harms
Allaire Trail User Group

I am packing up some newbies and bringing them up. They are looking forward to it. I just got a new ride last night, so I will be bringing that along and getting used to it.

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