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Great Brews Of America Split Rock Resort PA (Poconos)

Great Brews Of America:
Classic Beer Festival

The two-day indoor festival, set in the beautiful Pocono Mountains on the dates of Nov 22nd & 23rd, 2008 - 12-4pm, the Great Brews of America Beerfest will feature close to 30 of America's finest classic and micro-breweries offering tastes of their latest brews. Musical entertainment will be performed on three different stages, while crafts and artwork will be on exhibition and for sale.

They have 30 listed to be there but there will most likley be more breweries. Last year it was the biggest I have been to with a good 3000 people on the Saturday tasting. Also there was lots of good food and music!


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i don't know of any upcoming, but i have hit beers on the pier in NYC. its a pretty good time.


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Good Times

We went over to the Great Brews of America in PA this weekend and it was a great time. Lots of good beers on tap and some great Celebration of the Suds in March



U just missed Brewtopia in NYC, pro'ly the Beers on the Piers that was mentioned previously. I hit it last year, got schnockered up, then went to the Burp Castle, The Belgian Room, Hop Devil and McSorleys and got really schnockered up. Don't know about any upcoming. Just call your friends, and do a beer tasting night at yer house. A friend of mine did one recently, and it was just as good as a beer festival, awesome selection with everyone bringing a couple selections of imports and micro's, and you know everyone there and have a blast. Just as good as any fest I've ever been to.
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