Bear warning !


Just wanted to let you guys know last weekend I saw a pretty big black bear on the trail.
I was on the trail that goes out from behind the school. I turned a corner and there it was.. about 15ft away. I startled it and it went up on its hind legs for a minute. Then after just looking at me for awhile as i was yelling at it it turned around and headed off into the woods.
Needless to say i was on edge with every snapped twig from a squirrel after that.

Be safe!


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thats been my experience with bears every time. when i was riding mahlon dickerson a lot, i would prettymuch see at least 1 bear every ride during the summer. on one ride i saw 5. every one saw me, and then lumbered off into the woods. Bears dont want anything to do with us, and im ok with that.


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He/She is a biggin' at DP. Was walking out towards the upper lot after doing a solo TM there and
BLAMO....there he/she was about 30' in front of me. We both stopped and we're watching to see what the other was doing.

Luckily I had some noisy tools....I won.

I've seen him/her a bunch of times with Zero issues.


We have seen that bear at Deer Park too, he's the biggest black bear I have ever seen in the wild, and I have seen plenty. Willy and I were coming down one of the hills that has a turn at the bottom and we came upon him right on the trail, he was less than 15 feet away from us and walked into the woods. Willy took some pictures as he was walking away.


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Went out this am for a bear recon ride. No where to be found.

That being said, the trails are in pristine shape excluding the heavy overgrowth. Not a stitch of standing water...even in the normal areas.

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