Bean's Hellride 5 report - All the details



So I am back from competing in Santa Cruz's Hellride, and I was able to complete it in just under 13 hours. Unfortunately I didn't win, but it was one of the nastiest and most awesome rides I have ever done.

Here is the full write up with photos. Hope you enjoy it.



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Great report from a once in a lifetime ride!!! Thanks for sharing. I have seen your videos and can say with total confidence that if this ride was 60 miles of skinnies you would have crushed the competition!
Sounds like you had an epic time!


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Wow, what a great ride and read. After reading your whole blog I feel really exhausted. Truely a once in a life time experience.
Well done!
Now back to work.


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Great write up Bean!!!

Really bummed to hear about your camera, but that was great that you had the sense to open your eyes and take it in, and write such an epic description. I don't know how creative you like to be, but once when I broke my camera I made a whole cartoon strip to help me remember.

I especially liked the part about the climb to the dead end sign, and the never ending climb. My GF lives in Nev City and I ride Downieville with her sometimes and I get that same feeling there all the time. I can't imagine 13 hours of that. It certainly is a grand benchmark for epics.

Wishing you the best of luck getting your health back to normal.


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Man that was great! Unbelievable accomplishment. Great job describing the experience, I was totally sucked in.


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I don't know what Bean does for HBO, but if he's not a writer, then he's missing his calling. It took me half an hour to get through this but worth every minute. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for posting! Keep us posted with any videos you made.

I remember the rules for Hellride. They told contestants not to bring their significant others, which I thought was weird considering it would of been good to have moral support. Yet the people conducting the race could bring their girlfriends. Kind of hypocritical.
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