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I tried to buy this - but I live in NY and they won't ship it to me. Guessing its illegal in NY - we NY women need to just run faster???!!!
It's illegal in AZ too as I tried to get some when my neighbor beat up another neighbor at the end of my driveway. That being said, it is legal to buy a gun in AZ and carry it everywhere? ...Go figure.


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@Carson do national parks (rangers) enforce state laws on this matter?

US Park Rangers can be deputized to enforce state laws but generally are not. You would be charged under federal law (no idea what is legal federally) or detained and handed off to a NJ Park Police or local cop for charges. So, maybe but probably not.


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NOTE: I would advise against carrying wasp and hornet spray. The statute specifically allows for less than 3/4 ounce of spray causing "temporary" discomfort. You spray some strong chemical into someone's eyes causing permanent damage or blindness and you will catch charges for aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon, along with being sued by the "victim". It may sound far fetched but unfortunately it's not that far off the mark.

My professional advice is pepper spray and kick the shit out of him/her/they.


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Confused…did the assault occur on the DNR path or on the mountain bike trail within 6MR? If on the trail @ 6MR which one? Be specific and on point. By the way for those who like to victim shame I hope the day doesn’t come for you to pick up your phone and call 911 for a friend because another friend was about to smash her face into a kitchen counter over a Flintstones jelly jar….and you have to run down a flight of stairs praying to God that your phone is right where you left it…in your glove compartment..and you have to shout at your friends neighbor to call 911 just in case it isn’t there…and when you do get on the phone with the dispatcher and give an address you are asked: are you in the township or borough and manage to keep the’WTF’ to yourself.
Wow? I posted exactly what was released to us by the park.


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This is strange on DR Canal. Looks like a camera. From Kingston going towards Harrison St. It’s pretty secure with cable.


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