Bathroom remodel recommendations


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I see a DIY thread, but finding difficulty tracking down a thread on contractors who do bathroom remodels.

I live in Essex County if that needs to be known, but wonder if anyone can recommend a contractor they’ve used in the past that has redone your bathroom, kitchen, etc..

Wifey is putting together a list and redoing our 1950s bathrooms 🚽 is at the top of the list.

I can swap out a toilet, but plumbing & tile work is not my thing without flooding my home.


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No personal experience, but I've followed these guys on social media for a while (I'm a DIY guy and just like learning about nice remodel work) and they seem to be a solid outfit with great results:

+1 for Dettmore. We haven't used him yet but we're in line to complete two bathrooms with him shortly. Just finishing the design process now. All the interactions with him so far have been just what you want going into complex and costly renovations.

We use Decorated Interiors for design, sourcing and PM. She's awesome. We completed a basement reno with Campbell right before the Covid craziness.
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