Base Layer with Windstopper?


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Has anyone used any of the base layers with the windstopper fabric up front? Just wanted to know if they are worth it. I know craft, perarl izuma and a few others make them.


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i have some OLD "windstopper" jacket that i rode with all winter. i quoted windstopper b/c when i bought it ten years ago it probably was. so much. either way, i'd go two/three wicking layers and that. i was usually warm on the road. in the woods it's a different story.


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I have the Craft, I love it and I can honestly say that it is one of the best pieces of cycling clothing that I own.


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I am a big fan of Patagonia, everything from base layers to hooded fleeces to my winter snow shoveling jacket. The stuff is top notch and I think its well worth the money. I usually layer stuff under my Pearl Izumi zip up windblocker fleece, it seems to get the job done on most days. I recently scored a Craft windblocker jacket after an alcohol induced late night binge shopping spree from Steep and Cheap, I think it was about $40. Not really cold enough yet to see how well it works but it is made really well and fits really good too.


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Another vote for the Craft windstopper shirt. I like to wear it under a Kodiak jersey or something like that when it's cold. When it is really cold (especially on the road), I wear a windstopper outer layer (ie Pearl Izumi Vagabond). In the winter, I swear by windstopper stuff.

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Craft S2 wind stopper base layer is awesome. Louis Garneau also makes a nice one. I can't remember the name of it.


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so i was looking up the craft stuff, but couldnt find a specific one that looks good, and couldnt find the s2 either. You folks have any model names to look for?