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I was wondering if anybody has used a turtle neck/mock turtle neck base layer. I currently have one zip up PI mock neck, but I am looking for some more. I was on Crafts site and found one, but when I searched elsewhere I couldn't find it. I'm looking for something to provide a bit of protection for my neck.



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I usually just grab a piece of polypro from the ski bag for cold day rides. I have a couple different weights and styles from Patagonia, Burton and EMS. The EMS stuff is probably the best for the dollar but I think the Patagonia stuff works best and last longest.


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The craft pro zero and pro zero extreme base layers have a tiny little mock turtle which is enough to keep the air from going down the front but not enough to cover your neck. On cold road rides my neck is always cold at first but after I get warmed up, the air coming from my jersey is usually enough.

I had a fleece thing to cover my neck and couldnt stand it...


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i dig the mock tnecks. when shopping, i usually go to campmor and look in the bargain stuff, or both have some sick deals sometimes.


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I use some turtlenecks. Fleece doesn't bother me. When it's bitter cold, I will even wear a scarf cuz I just don't care about what is cool or not, or what will wick moisture. All I am thinking about is soaking in a blistering hot bath when I return.


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Aside from the neck question, to keep warm, I have windblock everything... the combo I wear depends on the actual weather, but windblock in general is the best thing I have ever invested in for the cold.


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under armour cold gear as a base layer works the best... it wick great and isnt too heavy so you wont overheat.. leave the fleece and windstopper for the outer layers
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