Banff Film Festival!

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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour : U.S. Locations

New Jersey
For information about venues, tickets and films to be shown,
please contact the host organizations listed below.
Frequently Asked Questions

Northern N.J. /
Rockland Co.
(Suffern, N.Y.)

Chestnut Mountain Productions
February 27, 2008


Blue Ridge Mountain Sports
April 25, 2008


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ooops, didn't see this post. Sorry, I started another thread. Does this mean I get downgraded to a beginner?

Anyway, I'm going.


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I got a chance to check this out last year at princeton. I was completely unaware of what the Banff festival was. The films were awesome! Many great plots and story lines. I really enjoyed myself and I am hoping to catch it again this year.

And to boot ROAM was one of the features!


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i'm looking at the wednesday date - i just have to see what is going on with work and the wife.


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i got tix last minute - i'm heading into the city tonight for the show - i'm pretty psyched. i'm looking forward to a few of the films - the alex lowe piece is gonna be awesome, the king lines featuring chris sharma should be awesome for some climbing, and the cartoon about the badger wanting to sleep should be entertaining...

but the one i'm really lookinf forward to - the unicycling piece - it looks like it has some pretty hardcore mtb/freeride style unicycle riding - that'll be crazy to watch.


I weighed-up last night and tonight and decided to go last night - I wanted to see the Ryan Leech piece. Bloody brilliant, if only 8 minutes long. If anyone here hasn't seen this guy then just search for him on youtube. You won't be dissappointed.

There was a really good film on Base Jumping, with a somewhat predictable ending but it did give me a real sense of shitting my trousers before jumping off a cliff.

The Skiing films were typically awe inspiring simply because of the scenery.

And now I need to put ice climbing on my list of to-do's.

The unicycling vid was on my list but I won't be there tonight. i bet it's pretty kewl though.

Have fun man - get there early coz the good seats fill up fast.


I was there as well- and yes the mtn bike video was SICK for sure! I cant say ice climbing in mines will ever be something I'll try but the kite skiing looked delicious!!


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the films last night were just great. josh lowells latest - king lines - a climbing film featuring chris sharma is definitely going to be my next addition to the library. unbelievable soloing over the ocean. he put an insane line up - the holds were non-existent. its unbelievable to watch him send slashface at 16 (the only V14 at its time) and to see where he has progressed now.

the alex lowe film was real good - not enough footage for me, but good.

the ski stuff was incredible, the kayak film was impressive but a little too much at times, but the mountain unicycling - HOLY GEEZ. those guys are incredible.
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