Bald Eagle Sighting

Mountain Bike Mike

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Today while riding with @stb222 , we saw a Bald Eagle. We were travelling on the orange trail from Quakerbridge Rd /Hughes Dr heading towards the damn. Just before the damn, along the stream, the Eagle took off.

THE BIGGEST bird I ever seen up close. We must've been 30 - 40 yards away from this thing when we scared it and it took flight.

I had no idea we had Bald Eagles in Mercer. I knew of a nest between Trenton and Bordentown.

Wish we could've snapped a pic....

Anyone else see it?


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Saw it once fishing down there in the early spring. But saw it up at the other end of the lake. Several eagles at Merrill Creek and lake Aeroflex as well.


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A Wawayanda Lake eagle I saw late spring.

Big Al

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I've seen it, MBM. Maybe a year or 2 ago. It didn't hang around til I got my phone out. I've seen one at Clayton too.


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Ive seen a nesting pair at 6 mile a few years back. We saw one this Monday in Milford Pa on the delaware river too.


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I saw a yearling Bald Eagle on the Blue trail earlier this summer
I was walking our dog and a guy walking his dog in the other direction pointed it out
He told me they don't get the white head for a couple of years This bird was up in a big oak tree and
was huge. My wife rows on the lake in the early morning and sees the mature birds regularly
She says there must be a couple of pairs one at each end of the lake


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Yes, have seen at least twice in generally that same area/end of the lake by the dam.

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