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MC San Andreas

After six years of riding on flat sandy trails down in the Fort Lauderdale area I am living in NJ, again. I am born and raised in NJ and quite happy to be back. I would consider myself and intermediate or advanced beginner rider. I have been riding for a while but I need to take my riding up a notch.

Excited to get out there and ride with you guys!

I ride a Mountain Cycle San Andreas. I thought my bike was pretty cool till some youngins at a bike shop in the Hamptons asked how old it was and if I ever considered getting a new bike! Turned out to be a bad day of biking. My buddy broke his collar bone while we were riding out a Hither Hills.

So... I decided to upgrade all of the components. OK, so the components were all about 10 years old! It was time. I am still in the process of getting my parts together:

Parts Purchased:

Shimano XT Crankset
Shimano XT V Brake Levers
SRAM 990 Cassette
Shimano XTR M970 Front Derailleur

Need to Purchase:

Shimano XTR 972 Shadow Rear Deraileur
Shimano XTR M970 Shifters

I think I will powder coat the frame while I am at it. Anyone have a good place to have the frame done??

Next year will be disk brakes, wheels and a new fork....

So as of now the bike is off the road and I will hopefully have it back in action soon!

Looking forward to getting to meet up with you guys!


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welcome back to the garden state...and to the forum.
I think there was a thread awhile ago about repainting frames and such you might want to search for it.
but I am sure the posters of that one are still here and they might chime in.
where abouts are you north or south if central or south we ride on tuesday nights at allaire.
if more north there are alway rides at either 6 mile or chimney rock.
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