awesome downhill

ok so i would never even think of attempting that.

That is a lot of jumps strung together. Some very large ones too
Holy crap, that's awesome. I'd soil myself like 10 seconds into it but man that's nuts.
I love that smooth-flowing trail, very few rocks. I'd probably kack-it on those jumps but my official excuse would be that my bike wouldn't be able to handle it...
It's a big state. Anything more specific?

Not that I'll get out there but, well, you know.
actually, that is the new reroute of stone gate at mahlon dickerson. for the life of me, i still can not understand why everyone got so heated over the whole thing.
British Columbia would be my guess....It looks like the terrain from all the old North Shore Extreme vids.
My guess was that it was in BC.

The ferns and very large trees mark it in a near rainforrest area.

Looks mega fun.

that's the morth shore in British Columbia,Canada...tthat trail is bananas!
it's actually not north shore. see jbogner's post above.(i'm sure you were getting frustrated at the continued suggestions of north shore, j. it's because people were replying without reading the second page.)
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