Augusta Cross Week One, NJCC #5...11/04/07...


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to much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You know myself & a few of my buds were going, to go the Augusta cross race .But I did not pre reg, so I would have to pay 10 dollars extra.$35 smackers is a lot of money.To ride for 30 or 40 minutes.Thanks but no thank you:drooling: :rofl: :mad2: :mad:


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It was expensive day-of, but it was a good course (a little too fast for me), and very well organized, so all-in-all it was worth it...Next time pre-reg, problem solved, then you can post smiley faces instead of angry ones:D
$10 extra is not cool

$10 for not pre-reging is Bull-@#** What is the reason for the extra cost? The fact that they have to write your name in the book by hand...WOW that is hard work.....It's not as if they are paying out tons of cash in prize money...Besides, Some racers who live far away have to fill there tanks with gas at $30-60 just to get there. When all is said and done it is a $70-$100 day....Give us a break....:confused:


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In taking to some of the race promoters, this is likely the direction that racing is going. Pre-reg makes it easier on everyone, so they want to encourage it.

The 50k was going to be no day-of-registration this year. That's how much they disliked day-of-registration.


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Well Chucky, maybe instead of pimping it in a Navigator to the races you should get a Yaris, then it'll cost you about $1 for gas!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!:D
Jim, I know the NAVIGATOR is a bit much but that is the way I roll -Don't hate the playa hate the game...:cool: $10 to me is just overkill..


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I understand, you're a baller son!! See you at practice, they moved it to 4pm...

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