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Just finished riding in Allamuchy (the white trail with a detour over Ice Cream) and noticed that the trails have a little damage from ATVs or motorcycles. As I got near the Boy Scout area, sure enough, 4 ATVs came by. :mad:

I love ATVs and ride them quite often but only in areas where it is allowed. I'm not sure who to contact but thought I would let you guys know.



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its wrong, but atvs were allowed to ride there back in the day, i dont see harm in them still riding there if they dont destroy anything


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I 've noticed they've been slowly coming back to the area and it's a good thing. The state did 1 concentrated push a few years back to chase them out and the place has been in shambles ever since. Hopefully w/ all the new land aquisitions to the park they will be legal users soon.


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I've got really mixed feelings on this as I would love to ride my ATV in Allamuchy. There is no problem when it is dry out, but they do more damage to wet trails...kind of like bikes.
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I hear lots of guy talking about 'sweet singletrack'. Not so much talk about singletrack blown out buy quads into 'sweet double track' on the Collective or Roam.

'Singletrack' great magazine.

I don't think 'Single Track BLOWN OUT BY QUADS INTO DOUBLE TRACK Magazine' does so well.

Quads on single track = significant trail damage.

I don't enjoy putting in hours of work to have it wasted by some atv.
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A wise philosopher once asked "Was it really sweet singletrack if you could ride a quad on it?"

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Who to call..

Bottom line is ATV/moto use in the parks is illegal. Who to call - the Park at 973-398-7010. Tell them where you saw them and give a description of the ATC and rider (hlemet color, jersey or other clothes).

The only way the P{ark will take actionis if folks report the use and the sectionof the Park. All is should take is one ATV getting busted and the rest should stay home!!!

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