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From the looks of the Races, Rides, Events page.........well Allaire has been getting alot of press. I've always liked the place and seems as if others do as well. A big pat on the back for GTbrew and his crew, they do a great job!!


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If it weren't for Allaire right now, the shops would probably be selling a lot more road bikes.


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Building and maintaning good trails takes a LOT of work. Props to all the builders down at Allaire. The place is fun and you can tell people put a lot of time and work into the place


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Tug this - :D. Unfortunately, I have yet to make it down to Allaire :eek:, but that is because I heard there is too much sand.

Seriously, great job frank.


Funny thing, there is a lady who rides a mule at Allaire and her name is Ival. She took me for a trail ride on her 2 person cart once and scared the shit out of me. Bounced that cart over every log and stump. She's crazier than most mtb'ers.
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