Attn: X-mas Man-Deal


JORBA: Director
Have a last minute gift to buy and hate shopping, but like beer? Sears has a solution for you. Spend 15 bucks on clothes today(kinda late for that) or tomorrow (24 dec) and grab a voucher from the electronics or appliance department. Take the voucher to tools, and get this, for free:


You can re-gift it if you are a commie, or dont have a need to open bottles with an endless supply of bottle openers that you seem to collect but would never admit to collecting, and cant seem to find when you really need one.

Cash spent on sweater for mum: 15 bucks.
Value of bottle opener: 10 bucks
Cost of Ipswich IPA 6 pack to test said bottle opener: 8 bucks

Success? Hell yes.
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