Attention Climbers! NJRG Wed night!!!(12/19)


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Hey guys and gals. I know some of you showed interest in going to climb and I wanted to see if anyone wants to climb this coming Wednesday night. I'll be at the New Jersey Rock Gym in Fairfield, NJ at 7 till close which is about 10:30. If anyone wants to come reply back or just show up. Come early, come late, just come and climb.

I know so far myself, Shar0se, and Glancingaft will be there. The cost to climb is $16 for the day pass and $22 if you need gear(shoes, chalk bag, harness). If you're not sure what we are talking about check out It's a blast and a great workout! Especially if you don't like going out in the cold...

I'll be rocking my tshirt...come and say hey!
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Sweet! When I was 15/16 years old, I used to work at the NJ Rock Gym when it was located on Rt23 in Wayne. Awesome place to work.
do they have a bouldering wall so you can avoid the belay thing? otherwise i need to review that knot and device.
Don't worry if you aren't belay certified. I know I am and Sharose is and maybe Will? So you can get on some rope lines if you want too. They have a lot of bouldering as well though. I'll be there as posted :D
Will, Sharon and I were there tonight. It was a pretty busy night but Will and I got a good bit of bouldering in and then top roped for a while and Sharon jumped in. Lots of good routes, good times and sore hands and fingers. We need to get another round going for those that couldn't make it. That should be the next poll.
I'm planning to be there next Wednesday night probably around 7 if anyone is interested. I got a harness and shoes for Christmas so I gotta go try em out :)
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