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Just a heads up...if the Batsto lot fills up, there is plenty of parking at the Atsion lot...I rode one of my usual routes from Atsion to Carranza, then Batsto and back on my Fat bike, and other than the 6 cars in the lot, and 4 or 5 jeeps on Quaker Bridge Road, had the place mostly to myself! Of course this was a weekday, so it'll probably pay off more on the weekends when Batsto gets crowded. Also...You can pick up the orange trail off Quaker bridge (it'll add 10 miles or so if you do the entire loop and back to the Atsion lot...(Just wanted to give an alternative to those that don't know), if Batsto is crowded...
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If you have the time, the legs, and a sense of adventure, a longer more scenic fun ride from Atsion to the PBT.

From Atsion, turn left onto the RR line. (CAUTION: Carefully walk the bike across the RR trestles. RR ties are missing.) Turn right onto that small sand road before reaching High Crossing. (The location of this turn will vary depending on rainfall.) Up the sand road onto Devious Mount. Then right onto Pushline, followed by a left onto another small sand road. Several miles later you'll reach the NE corner of the PBT. Bring a GPS, knowledge of the PBT, and you'll be OK.

Note: These unmarked routes are not maintained. Neither by Wharton Forest nor the railroad nor anyone else. Be careful. Use your head. Don't whine.

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