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What I find really screwed about that is this section....
As the cycling community traded notes, people began to question if Dr. Thompson was the same motorist who had a run-in with two cyclists in Mandeville Canyon in March. A member of both clubs forwarded Patrick Watson’s account of his experience to Peterson. The vanity plate, “TCH MDX,” matched, as did the description of the car. The experience was almost identical.

In the March incident, the driver sped ahead of the cyclists then slammed on his brakes. Watson rode into someone’s yard while teammate Josh Crosby veered into oncoming traffic; Watson said the driver made a second effort to hit them and then sped away.
Neither rider was injured. Despite pressure from La Grange’s Public Policy Director, Jeffrey Courion, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley declined to prosecute the case; Watson was told it wasn’t a winner. “I’m a little bitter because this happened before, but no one took it seriously.”
the fact that this was not his first time.....


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Do I get 7 years bad luck??

I was nearly run down yesterday while out on a test ride with a customer.

This guy came up behind me beeping at me.

I signaled to make a left. He pulled up hard on my right and nearly hit me.

(keep in mind I was riding with a customer who had never been on a road bike)

I punched off his drivers side mirror.. (SMASH!!!)

His wife called the cops.

I knew the cop who came. (he laughed)

The cop told the driver that the pedestrian always has the right of way.

The cop said that he did not witness the event so he could do nothing, but if he had he would have cited the driver with:

Assault with a deadly weapon
Reckless driving
Driving to endanger.

In the end the driver will have to pay for his mirror out of pocket.

This guy was being an ass and the cop did the right thing.

+1 for cyclists on Monday!

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