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Has anyone been to Ascutney recently? I'm looking to explore new places and Trailforks claims 35+miles. If you've been, how are the trails, town atmosphere, places to stay & eat? I've been going to Kingdom for years, but may be switching things up this year.

I see Woodstock(Mount Peg Trails) is not too far away and they seem to have some local trails, has anyone been here? Any feed back would be great.



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Ascutney is one of my favorite places to ride in VT. Decent tech, plenty of trails, super fun. The rooms at the resort are pretty nice and trailside, so that is a big plus. Communal fire pits, so if you want to be more private go the airbnb/vrbo route.

Woodstock is a great town, plenty of shopping and dining options.

After riding all of Ascutney (1-2 days depending on how cray you want to go), easy day trips include Cornish, the trails around Woodstock (mt Peg, etc), Suicide 6/killington/okemo bike parks, Green Mountain Trails blah blah its VT go explore.

Bottom line: do it, you won't regret it. Do not expect cushy KT flow though.


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Did Ascutney for VMBAfest summer '18. Camped in the parking lot. We were permitted to use the pool and bathrooms at The Holiday Inn Club. Doesn't help with your questions about town and places to stay and eat.

It's nothing like KT. Old school tech. Lots of switchback climbing to rocky descents and singletrack.

I was there with @KenS
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If I where to bring others with me, what NJ trails is Ascutney closest related to, so I could best describe them to others. Like, is it like Stephens, Mooch North, Ramapo, Fugawe...?
Just tell them it is a new place to ride in VT. If they need further convincing then maybe you shouldn't be riding with them because they are high maintenance/think too much. =p

I wouldn't compare it to NJ, but if I had to i'd say somewhere between Stephens and north maybe? It is climby and has a lot of rollers. Less chunder type of tech than our parks. @JDurk whaddaya think?


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I'd have to agree with @KenS, can't really compare to any of the tech places I've ridden in NJ or even PA. Waway, Ringwood, Bear Creek, French Creek and Rothrock have more tech and rocks. We did do a bit of climbing, but mostly rollers and switchbacks on the ski trails.

Here's a few rides we did., did a shorter ride,
then drove to Suicide Six and did some chairlift/flowtrail DH on our XC FS bikes.

Some views from the mountain, that's the Holiday Inn location at the bottom.