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I've donated bikes to this guy! Not personally, through a bike-drive being done at school a few years ago. Glad to see his charity is paying off big dividends for people who buy his bikes - increasing your earnings by 25-50% per day and not coming home exhausted is huge on a scale we probably cannot understand in America, if only because such gains in our quality of life are not going to be had from such an investment.


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I will host a collection point next Summer or sooner if people show interest.

I did it 2 summers back and we got about 30 bikes.



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my father did this with the leftover bikes from the VNA sale that happens in far hills each year while he lived up here. my first mtn bike is somewhere in central america, hopefully still cranking out the miles for someone.


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Definitely do a post for collection time. There is a really small bike shop in my neighborhood that I recently stopped into and I saw a bunch of bikes in the dumpster and asked the guy if there was a place where he could donate them and he said that there used to be a guy from a church that would come by to get them but stopped. I told him I would look into it as it really bothered me knowing these could go to use somewhere in this world. I also tend to see a lot of kids bikes at the side of the road intended for garbage that I am always tempted to collect but I am afraid I would wind up with a garage full of stuff and not know what to do with. Maybe we could do an mtbnj quarterly drive or something?
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