Arizona Trip Recap


JORBA: Ringwood
hello gang,
Just back from a week in Arizona. I don't want to rub it in too bad, but it was awesome. The weather was so appreciated this time of year, and I came home feeling rejuvenated from the sun. While I was out there I convinced rigidnsingle to make his first post, so it was not a total waste for mtbnj. Ride on NJ!!




more write up on my blog:
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Totally awesome post, here and the blog. I am jealous and happy for you two at the same time! Love the spikes in pixydude's leg, too funny.
What are the bones from?:hmmm:

Looks like so much fun.

Cow. .... Interesting story about that .... Our host was taking some guests out for a mellow ride and came across the carcass, and out crawls a vulture from the bones. The guests nearly fainted, and he's like "coool!'. I kept my camera handy every time I passed it, but never saw a vulture. So I decided the bones were licked clean. Just a little reminder of how the food chain works, and how tough some of the species are that survive the dessert.
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