Are There Any Michelin Wildgripper Hot S Tires Around????


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That is the best rear tire I have ever used and they don't make them anymore. Damn Bastards :mad2:.........
If anybody knows any shops that have any hanging around please let me know. I have only been able to catch them every now and then on ebay, and I keep getting outbid........
I don't necessarily agree. Tires, like any commodity, are sold on a supply/demand basis. For sure there was no demand for this tire, thus they bagged it. It's implied that they are best "for the trails & conditions I ride" which might be such a small market it wasn't worth stocking. Maybe these guys ride on marbles.

Tires are overrated. I'm coming to believe that it's more about conditions, rider skill/conditioning, and bike setup than what tread pattern a tire has. That would help explain why every tire has a camp of people that swear by them and a camp that hates them.

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