Are bikes allowed in this part of the Tourne?


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I was looking at the GPS track posted on the first sticky thread (most recent post). The loop he rode took him to the W. Shore parking lot and then along the east side of the park. Are we allowed to ride in this area? I've always turned around when I reach that intersection that marks the Tourne and the Mountain Lakes part. That looks like a fun loop.


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I believe technically they are off limits, but there's no posting that says "no bikes". I used to ride them just about every day and never had any problems. Just be courteous to hikers/walkers you see and yield to them. Some of the best trails in the park run along the east side near mtn lakes.
I do miss riding there, hopefully I can get back some day.

Edit: just looked at the gps track you were referring too, that's actually mine...


There are two really sooper-steep gravel climbs there too - I think they're marked green trails. i was there on Sunday doing hill repeats up Tourne and we hit the two green gravel climbs just to finish us off.

I've mentioned it before but I love Tourne. You have to do a bit of repetition but it's a fun place.


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Thanks guys. I think the Tourne is great but best of all, it's a five minute drive. It has a great drive to bike ratio. I also try to be as courteous and patient as I can be with hikers, dogs, etc. Last thing we need is a big fight over this place.


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There are a few very large signs in the single track (not sure what area, but I believe I was in the Southwest part of the Tourne) that clearly marks when you are entering Mountain Lakes. If I recall correctly, I think it said that bikes were prohibited - since I recall turning around every time I saw the sign. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I also met one of the county workers there a few weeks ago who works with Jorba doing TM. He showed me a new downhill run that they built from the Top of the Tourne. He advised that he gets numerous complaints from Mountain Lakes hikers about bikes crossing over to the dark side... I am not sure what effect the complaints from Mountain Lakes will have since the county worker advised that the Tourne (and Morris County Park Comm) is very bike friendly.


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I've only been back for a short ride so I haven't tried that side yet. I've been a little under the weather. Thanks for checking back.

Had to add, I went to the Tourne today, Saturday, and it looks beautiful. There's just the right amount of leaves, lots of sun, and the trails are still clearly visible. Absolutely beautiful.
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