Anyone who loves Ibanez!!!

Definitely sweet.

The only Ibanez in my stable is a 1983 AR30 (come to find out that was the only year made). It is a great guitar and holds it's own against my '67 Gibson ES330 and 1991 '62 Reissue not-for-export-made-in-Japan strat. Different personalities, to be sure, but the Ibanez does what it does as well as the Gibson & Fender do what they do.

Now if my playing could just do these guitars justice...
It's Herman Li's signature model released for 08. I think he played an S470 before now.

I have a RG420 prestige and a Schecter C-1 shedevil. Unfortunately I cracked the neck on the 420 and it really isn't all that worth it to replace. I could buy one on ebay and take the neck rather than order a brand new wizard II. So I'm thinking about that Egen. Depends on how much it costs in comparison to the other S series pretisge models. It's either that or I'm going ESP. There's something about a small scale guitar with sub zero boomers in drop C that gets me :D But that Egen has one hell of a pickup selector.
Hmmm... New Mountain Bike or New Hollowbody?

Ibanez is a great company, with a quality line

My stable is a Guild Bluesbird that zoooooooms with the Seymore Duncans. Running this thru Marshall TSL-602 and a Fender Super 60 amps on the garage. In the livingroom I have this little Roland Cube (30 watt solid state) modeling amp. That Roland is fun!!! Its never going to push the air of the MArshall or Fender, but its great for in the house

Also a Guild D 40 had for years, then this summer picked up a Taylor Custom Shop GS. The Taylor is a Doyle Dokes(?) with Colobolo.
I mostly play through my GuitarPort. My Mesa Boogie DC-5 has two volumes; off and LOUD :) Tough to do with a house full of people...
That guitar is nice...I've at one time or another owned just about every type of Ibanez made like an S-540, S-7, most of the Satriani models and most of the Talman models amongst who knows what else...Now I only have an SC-420 and a Talman TC-420...Since I no longer play professionally I've I unloaded almost all of my gear...


Growing up I had a black RG570 with green duncan pickups, as was the style of the time.

I still have an Ibanez acoustic. My boy is 2 and can strum better than most my friends.
On Ibanez the final list price for the Egen is just over 3k :whoopdedo

I can't justify that so I think I'm going to lean more towards the S470 prestige (less than half the cost), or the ESP eclipse II and swap out the actives.
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